Support - How Does The Lottery System Work

The new system is broken down into two major request periods.

1st is the Lottery Phase - In the lottery phase, we aim to allow at least a 24hr lottery entry period followed by a 24hr period where winners can claim their tickets.

(Some last minute donations may not have enough time for two 24hr periods.)


2nd is the First Come First Serve Phase (FCFS) - In the FCFS phase, any tickets left over from the 1st phase will now be available as First Come First Serve request for everyone.

There will be a timer on that event page letting you know when it will start.


Each VetTix Coin you enter into the lottery is the same as throwing your name into a hat.

Each coin is a separate chance to win and increases your odds of winning tickets!

To learn more please refer to the Lottery System Links located here.

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