Donating Tickets To Those Who Served

Donating your tickets to our law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics is easy. Just read over this page. The directions and links to donate are below.

What is 1st Tix

1st Tix is a program of the Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix), a national 501c3 nonprofit. The 1st Tix mission is to provide tickets to sporting events, concerts, performing arts, and family activities in appreciation for our 1st responders service to their communities. We strive to show community support, improve mental welfare and enrich the lives of our 1st Responders.

Who We Serve

We serve current and retired law enforcement officers, firefighters (including volunteers), EMTs, and paramedics. Since 2008, we have given out over 9.4 million tickets and are active in all 50 states!

How Attending Events Helps

Receiving tickets for their service lets our law enforcement, firefighters, and paramedics know that their community supports their profession.

We know that strong family bonds and community support are essential tools for 1st responders as they navigate through their dangerous and often traumatic professions. Positive social support buffers against stress and is associated with better psychological and physical functioning. Attending events initiates positive social interactions helping to foster and maintain meaningful relationships. Having a strong social network also protects against isolating tendencies which can increase depression and anxiety symptoms.

1st Tix offers such a diverse range of events that it is easy and appealing for 1st responders to use our services, regardless of age or physical ability. We make it possible for retired responders to take their grandchildren to Disney on Ice, for a family to enjoy an afternoon together cheering on their local team or to experience to magic of the Nutcracker ballet. Vet Tix offers multiple tickets allowing 1st responders to go with family and other responders. Repeated experiences at a range of events helps veterans build a better social structure, both within their families and their communities. The overall result is a higher quality of life.


Why do our donors love us?

1st Tix provides a rewarding and simple way for donors to give back!

1st Tix enriches 1st responders' lives, but we are also a benefit to donors. Since 1st Tix is part of Veteran Tickets Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit foundation, individual ticket holders and businesses can receive tax deductions for their donations.

The 1st Tix system is transparent. We are independently GAAP audited and have been at 96.5% to program or above each year. Venues, artists, teams know that their tickets are used by 1st responders. Our verification system ensures that only qualified people get access to tickets and discounts. We provide easy methods to donate shipped, will-call, print at home, or mobile delivery, with complete tracking along the process.

Donate Tickets

How the Donation Process Works

  1. Choose the donation type below.
  2. Once we receive the donated tickets, we will enter them into our system and issue you an in-kind receipt.
  3. After the event has taken place, we will send you an email with a link to feedback messages from the responders that went to the event.

All ticket donations must be made through If you have special distribution requirements, please include instructions with your donation.

If you have previously donated tickets, please contact your rep directly via email.


Click To Read More Feedback from Daytona 500 - the Great American Race - Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
Justin Andrews Posted:
My wife and I have enjoyed NASCAR racing since we were kids. Due to deployment schedules and the inability to plan long term vacations, the Daytona 500 has never been a feasible option. Both our girls love racing and fast cars and thanks to VetTix and the gracious donors who made this possible, their first NASCAR race was THE Daytona 500!! To quote my 8 year old, "Best Day Ever!!!". Thank you for supporting our troops and allowing us the opportunity to experience something together they will never forget. This race was even more special to us, as my father's company Black's Tire Service, was running their first Daytona race and we were there to see an amazing 14th place finish for a small town homegrown racing team. Thank you from all of the Andrew's family for an unforgettable day at the biggest day in racing!!
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Click To Read More Feedback from Lorde: Melodrama World Tour
Justin Posted:
I want to say thank you to VetTix and their sponsors for allowing me to take my girls to this concert. They love Lorde and had an incredible time. They couldn't wait to tell their friends today at school. There's no way we could have done this without VetTix and Donors as concerts are expensive and we just moved across the country. I was also able to connect with a few other recipients there which is always great to meet fellow Vets. The bonding time and memories will last a lifetime. Thank you again so much, it was an amazing night for my family. Justin
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Click To Read More Feedback from Jacksonville Icemen vs. Florida Everblades - ECHL - Military Appreciation Night
William Posted:
Thank you to Vet Tix and Jacksonville Icemen for the tickets to the game. My grandkids, my wife and I really enjoy the games. Really grateful to be there on military appreciation night.
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