About the Survey

Since 2015, Vet Tix has conducted an online survey of registered VetTixers to better understand our service members' and veterans' experiences and measure Vet Tix's impact.

  • The survey is conducted online at VetTix.org.
  • All respondents are verified VetTixers.
  • Responses are anonymous and are not linked to the VetTixer's account.
  • VetTixers are allowed to skip questions.
  • Respondents are not paid, but given Vet Tix virtual coins per answered question for use at VetTix.org.


The 2018 survey continued to investigate multiple areas of veteran community engagement, social support and relationships, well-being, mental health, and reintegration problems in relation to Vet Tix's impact. Our mission is built on the idea that our veterans need help in the following areas:

  • feeling a sense of belonging in civilian life and their communities.
  • strengthening or establishing a strong social support network.
  • improving depression and PTSD symptoms through social activity.

The Importance of Reintegration in the Military

Reintegration into family and community is a commonly discussed issue among the military community today. The majority of veterans have served during wartime, and must return to their families, civilian and American life after their deployments and enlistments. These reintegration periods are often stressful and long. Some of the most common issues for military personnel during reintegration include problems relating to family and civilian life, feelings of isolation and depression, difficulty building a new identity outside of the military, and communication problems.

Reintegration is a foremost concern to the VA because trouble reintegrating is widely reported by veterans who develop PTSD. Reintegration concerns are not limited to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. PTSD and depression symptoms are still a concern for Vietnam Veterans 40 years later, showing that poor reintegration and readjustment have lasting effects.

How Attending Events Helps

Social interaction is necessary to maintain strong social networks which provide emotional support and improve mental welfare. Vet Tix believes that attending sporting events, performing arts and family activities with family members and friends provides essential reintegration opportunities for currently-serving military and veterans. While receiving recognition for their military service, Vet Tix events help veterans to follow the VA's recommendations to spend time with family, plan date nights, and re-engage socially with their families and in their communities. It is our conclusion that these events have a multifaceted impact which improves mental health and quality of life.