"Oregon State Athletics began working with Vet Tix back in the 2012 Football season and the partnership has been nothing short of amazing! We were having difficulty with filling our stadium for non-conference football games due to our student body not yet being in class. We wanted to accomplish two things, fill the stadium and provide an opportunity to those that would normally be unable to attend. The working relationship with Veteran Tickets Foundation helped us accomplish both goals. We were able to move a couple hundred tickets in a matter of days.

Eddie and his staff makes it so easy to donate tickets to the organization. The ability to send tickets electronically makes life managing inventory much easier.

Another aspect of the relationship that I personally enjoy are the testimonials from those that used the tickets at the event. When I receive the link, just reading the gratitude shows that this partnership is a win for everyone and one that I see continuing for a very long time.

Cecil Hairston
Assistant Athletic Director for Ticket Operations"
"So happy to work with VetTix to support our Vets and their families. Jennifer and VetTix have been great to work with!"
"We are thrilled to work with Vet Tix on a weekly basis, and honored be able to give back to the amazing men and women who have served our country. We will never be able to give our military the full support they deserve, but we at Brad Garrett Comedy Club are grateful for the opportunity to offer some free entertainment, and hopefully some good memories from Las Vegas.

IsaBeall Quella - Assistant to Brad Garrett
Alan S
"I am myself a Vietnam Veteran as well as a New York Yankees season subscriber and I am delighted to participate in the program to bring enjoyment to those who have served our country.
October 8 is fifty years to the day that I left for Vietnam.
Alan Sperber"
Alan S
Henry O
"As a veteran of the Vietnam Conflict I am proud to contribute in a small way to the quality of life of my fellow veterans. Let’s make The United States of America United again."
Henry O
Jeanne D
"HI Eddie, Alan and team-
Thank you so much for all the work you do to allow people like me to so easily help our well-deserving service men and women and veterans. Keep up the great work!!
Thank you also for this summary sheet!
All the Best,
Jeanne Doran"
Jeanne D
Seattle Mariners
"The Vet Tix Foundation has been a great organization to work with over the past few years. They are able to distribute tickets directly to Veterans that we likely would not be able to reach on our own. Vet Tix often sends us "thank you" notes from veterans that receive tickets and wanted to share their experience with us. They have proven to be a great tool in aiding us to reach some of our military fan base and have really streamlined the process for us. We look forward to work with Vet Tix this coming season and the future.

Demetrius Grant
Seattle Mariners"
Seattle Mariners
"The Michigan Philharmonic loves working with Vet Tix and we are happy to invite service men and women and families to join us for concerts. It's just one small way our organization can say "thank you" to those who serve.
Beth Stewart
Executive Director, Michigan Philharmonic"
Daniel A
"It is an honor to donate to this worthy cause and for a worthy reason. God bless."
Daniel A
Loreen M
"It has been my pleasure to donate to Vet Tix for MLB games that I was not able to attend or sell to make my money back. I do appreciate the recipients who posted pictures for the game they attended. It's nice to see who got to use the tickets. I do hope everyone enjoyed going to the games.

I also like to thank the Oakland A's for having a direct link from their Season Ticket holders site to Vet Tix.

I am hoping that the LA Dodgers will do the same one day to make donations that much easier to complete.

Happy 2019!! llm."
Loreen M
Vickie B
"This is awesome, that you post feedback from the veterans who used our tickets. It was the highlight of my day to see that we could somehow give back to those go gave so much for their country. Just awesome! Thank you for everything you do and we are happy to donate to this organization whenever we can.
- Darren and Vickie Bertini"
Vickie B
Bob A
"I myself am a Vietnam Veteran, (1971-72), and I'm proud to donate these seats to Vet Tix. Knowing that the tix go to such a good cause brings me joy. God Bless our Vets! Bob Amren, USN"
Bob A
"The University of Wyoming really appreciates our partnership with VetTix. They've helped legitimize our "Seats for Soldiers" ticket donation program. We always have a great redemption rate and the feedback we receive via VetTix from those that use the tickets is invaluable. We're able to pass this feedback along to our supporters and it is a no-brainer for them to continue and often times increase their participation. More than anything, it is a convenient process to provide what we hope is an enjoyable experience to current and Veteran military members - a very small gesture for those we appreciate so much!

Joe Verschueren
WYO Athletic Ticket Office
Main: 1-877-WYO-FAN1
Office: 307-766-5034"
"Vet Tix is a great organization to work with because they are very well organized and make sure that the tickets donated are being put in the right hands. Although we have a pretty good grasp on the military community in San Diego, Vet Tix helps us reach other service members we may not have reached. Vet Tix is part of our Charity Ticket Program in which many of our tickets are donated to military and first responder communities. I was very impressed on how organized Vet Tix is with the fact that they have every recipients name, address, and track their redemption on if their tickets are being used or not. Vet Tix is great to work with and we are looking forward to great 2015 season.

Cindy S
"I'm so glad to be able to put our tickets to such good use!"
Cindy S
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